Donation Explanation


Some of you had in past asked me/us if they can donate for the betterment of LoP. After much discussion, we have finally reached a conclusion.

We are now Accepting Donations!

How does this work?
Maintaining server, forums etc requires some funding, which at the moment is quite generously being handled by one of us. But in future, we might need more funds for added services. Also, some of us had in past just showed willingness to help the community. So here we are.
All donations will go to LoP's Account, and will be used, for funding needs in future possibly for improved services.
We have one of the Leaders' account associated with it, so it will be one of us that will receive the donations in his account, and will be used only after a complete council discussion.

Should one donate?
Donations are COMPLETELY based on your own willingness to help the community. NO Compulsion. We are not selling products or services to give extra benefits to donors. Those who donate will do it purely out of their love for LoP :wub:
Of course, your donations will just help us to keep things running smoothly. So, YES, you should donate if you can! Every small bit counts.

How to Donate?
* You can Donate in various main currencies (will be updated soon).
* To donate, you can click on the "Donate" button on the top of forum page.


* Alternatively, you can donate following the link : Click Here to Donate
* Donations are made from PayPal, which supports Visa, Credit cards etc methods. (Read PayPal website for more details regarding the methods available).
* Anonymous donations are also possible.

Thank You!
LoP Administration


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